Certified Organic Intensiv Orchardgrass Certified Organic Niva Orchardgrass Devour Orchardgrass HLR Orchardgrass Latar Orchardgrass Potomac Orchardgrass Profit Orchardgrass Tekapo Orchardgrass. These plots were planted in late-August of 2014 in Cabot, Vermont and the … A New England Seed Company. When planting north of the transition zone, HLR Orchardgrass should be planted in the early spring or late summer to take advantage of soil moisture and moderate temperatures. HLR should be planted in the early spring or late summer to take advantage of soil moisture and moderate temperatures. Suggested seeding rates: Seed 10-15 lbs/acre alone, 2-5 lbs/acre in a mix. HLR Orchardgrass exhibits exceptional seedling vigor and establishes rapidly. Q Legumes supply nitrogen to the grasses, reducing the amount of supplemental nitrogen that needs to be applied. We take pride in our Canadian heritage and our 40 year history of serving customers across Canada. An early maturing orchardgrass ideal for use in grazing and hay operations. Customer Review Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Amba Orchardgrass HLR Orchardgrass exhibits exceptional seedling vigor and establishes rapidly. Phone: (503) 874-8221 Fax: (503) 873-8861 Contact Information. Given its late maturity and excellent winter-hardiness, it is an ideal companion for alfalfa. Orchardgrass. per acre. Plot 15 was planted with 20 lb/ac of HLR Orchardgrass (Barenbrug USA). Orchardgrass seed produces an excellent pasture grass, especially for horses and cattle, and can be used in wildlife food plots for deer, turkey and quail. Ideal for hay or pastures. Tekapo Orchardgrass Tekapo is the only true grazing orchardgrass on the market today! The minimum specifications for certified orchardgrass seed are 85 percent purity and 80 percent germination. A biennial ryegrass that can provide high quality forage for silage or grazing. View Details. This Orchardgrass seed can be mixed with clover for hay production as … Add To Cart Caudill Seed. CERT. We have the seed you need and agronomic knowledge to assist you in making the correct choice for your operation. 40% Orchardgrass 25% Tetraploid Per Ryegrass 15% Festulolium 10% Bromegrass 5% Timothy 5% Kentucky Bluegrass. It is vigorous and high in vegetative production. It blooms and matures seed on average of 10-14 days later than commercial varieties. This variety has abundant, broad, well distributed and noticeably light green leaves. Approx. High leaf-to-stem ratios provide improved digestibility and energy. Tekapo provides improved drought tolerance and disease resistance. A pound of orchardgrass seed will contain about 645,000 seeds, roughly 2-1/2 times the number of seeds in one pound of tall fescue. It is a diverse blend of the most productive cool-season grasses on the market and we use improved varieties to keep performance at the highest level possible. HLR Orchardgrass. Orchardgrass has good winterhardiness, tolerance to shade and moderate tolerance to drought. ProHarvest Seeds provides top quality forage options. HLR; HQ-O Pasture Mix; Snowbelt; Organic. Eight pounds of clean, high germination seed is usually adequate to obtain good stands of orchardgrass. When planted in the spring it will not produce seed heads till the second year. Orchardgrass is perennial, cool season, forage bunch grass. 70% festulolium, 30% orchardgrass. This is a late maturing, hay-type orchardgrass. Potomac Orchardgrass $4.80 Tekapo Orchardgrass ASK Lovegrass $20.50 Switchgrass $15.25 Red Top $10.60 Buckwheat ASK Packed 50 lb. Green Spirit is a perfect high-quality emergency feed. Alone: 30-40 lbs. View Details. Orchardgrass is one of the most productive cool-season grasses, tolerant to shade, fairly drought resistant with moderate winter hardiness. ... 10% HLR Orchardgrass 15% STF-43 Tall Fescue Blend 15% Carlton Bromegrass . Orchardgrass (Dactylis glomerata) is a bunch-type grass that produces an extensive fibrous root system suited for hay or rotational grazing. Green Spirit (Italian) Hercules (Annual) HQ-R Pasture Mix; Mara (Perennial) Remington (Perennial) Teff.