After Kirito disappears off the grid after Johnny Black's attack, Asuna discovers the existence of the Ocean Turtle and requested the help of Rinko Koujiro, who helped her get on board and convinced Kikuoka to let her stay. He has no regard for Non-Player Characters (NPCs), considering them unworthy of his attention. The protagonist is a former SAO beta tester. While she is highly regarded for her unmatched skill, she is not on any of the Ranking Leaderboards, thus earning her the nickname "The Uncrowned Queen.". Alice is subsequently taken away, and Kazuto awakens in reality. He created the guild for the sole purpose of killing other players. She is captured and supposedly taken away to be executed by the Integrity Knights for breaking the rule by "entering" the Dark Territory. Yanai was one of the Ocean Turtle technicians who is formerly one of Nobuyuki Sugou's scientists and secretly a spy for the Americans. Nobuyuki Sugō is the main antagonist of the Alfheim Online arc. Big thanks to @BangZoom", "I literally screamed when I saw my name in the credits! Login to FJ. In the Underworld, Kirito grew up with his best friends Eugeo and Alice, and both him and Eugeo were tasked with the calling of cutting down the Gigas Cedar. ", "Sword Art Online: Lost Song story, new characters, and basic actions detailed", "Sword Art Online: Lost Song Game's 5th TV Ad Previews Seven, Rain", "『SAO ロスト・ソング』新キャラの詳細な情報やストーリー、基本アクションを紹介!", Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale, Accel World vs. Following his defeat, he commits suicide by running a high output scan on his brain, but downloads his own consciousness into the server and leaves behind a program that gives Kirito the World Seed, which revitalizes the VRMMORPG industry. In ALO, he takes on the identity of Oberon the Fairy King and makes Asuna his queen, Titania. She is a former beta-tester for Sword Art Online, but did not log in on the day of the game's official release due to certain circumstances, thus sparing her from the tragic fate from over 10,000 players for the next two years. 350 years before Kirito would enter the Underworld, Quinella was born. Auf welche Faktoren Sie als Käufer bei der Wahl Ihres Sao 2nd season Aufmerksamkeit richten sollten! Kirito dived in to save the day and fought off Eugene, even though Kirito had inferior equipment. She ranked in the top 12 of her year, thus qualifying her to be a valet of an elite swordsman. However, he was forced to reveal it during 74th Floor Boss fight in order to save the people nearby as they couldn't leave by teleport crystal and defeating the boss. Kirito managed to outsmart and paralyze them in return. After getting lost in a forest, Pina is killed trying to save Silica from a monster attack. He warns Sinon to be careful as he logs out. He was betrayed by the professor and eventually surrendered to the police due to having injured the members of Fuurinkazan in real life in the process of gathering memories to revive Yuna. The true ruler of Underworld, the highest minister of the Axiom Church, and the main antagonist of the Underworld arc. GGO's protagonist’s childhood friend, who invites them to log in to Gun Gale Online. When Eugeo first encounters him, Bercouli had sensed some familiarity with both Eugeo and his weapon, which ultimately led to his defeat. reset password. Asuna is a strong-willed, and an accomplished player known in-game as "the Flash" for her extraordinary fast skills with the rapier. A wild frenzied look when he is fixated on combat with a berserker fighting style to match. During the Bullet of Bullets Tournament, the brothers switched roles while enlisting another Laughing Coffin member to assist them due to the multiple victims they selected. Later, it is discovered that he has been posing as Heathcliff, the leader of the Knights of the Blood Oath. ), known as Asuna (アスナ, Asuna?) Earlier, Recon manages to learn of the attack and warns Leafa. [2], In an interview with Sword Art Online author Reki Kawahara, he noted that Agil and Klein are both "very popular", and he wanted to write short stories centred around their characters.[3]. 22cm hoch; offiziell lizensiertes Produkt; sehr detailiert! Sheyta is a member of the Integrity Knights who doesn't speak much. Topic: SAO Season 2. tsujack. Her name as an Integrity Knight is Alice Synthesis Thirty (アリス・シンセシス・サーティ, Arisu Shinseshisu Sāti). In the season finale, Asuna, Yuuki as well as all of their friends continue to live happily in the world of Alfheim and New Aincrad. He was the head elite swordsman-in-training at the North Centoria Imperial Master Sword Academy during Eugeo and Kirito's first year at the academy. However, the near-death experience had slowly altered her data and resulted in her fusion with the «Hollow Avatar». Leafa lets go of her feelings for Kirito and after pulling herself together she helps him rescue Asuna from the top of the world tree. SAO Volume 23: Unital Ring 2 released on December 10, 2019, while SAO Volume 24: Unital Ring 3 released on May 9, 2020. After Kirito reached the top of the World Tree, she ordered her forces to pull back. "[4] In an interview with Haruka Tomatsu, Asuna's voice actor, she nominated Silica as her favourite character as she is "the kind of character I would want to have as a little sister. In reality, Death Gun's actual user name is Sterben and is an alternate account created by Kyōji Shinkawa in the image of his brother's SAO avatar. She was designed to monitor the emotions of players and appear at their sides to hear and help them out. He traps all the players within SAO by using the NerveGear to obstruct signals from the user's brain. [19] The two are confronted by Death Gun, who causes Sinon's PTSD to relapse when his weapon was revealed to be a Type 54 pistol, the same weapon she had used in the post office shooting. After Kirito discovers her identity, Fanatio is led to believe that Kirito is the only one who has taken her seriously since, leading to her defeat. Easy. All 300 victims are released from ALO, but Sugō makes another attempt to attack Kazuto while he is making his way to Asuna in the real world, now blind in one eye and insane after his defeat. There, Kyouko discovers that Asuna's home in ALO looks like her childhood home, a forest-house. He helped create «Underworld» as a means to produce «Bottom-Up-Artificial Intelligence» via nurturing a mass number of Artificial Fluctlights, in order to further advance Japan's military force. However, he was eventually released as the Furikazan members did not press charges against him. 0. She was appointed to nurse him at Ocean Turtle after he was poisoned by the last member of Laughing Coffin. Throughout the story, Strea would be seen in the Labyrinth searching for «something». Shōzō is Asuna's father and the former CEO of RECT Progress Inc, which goes bankrupt after the company is partly held responsible for Sugō's crimes. It is revealed that Kikouka is actually a Liuetenant Colonel of JSDF and also the head of Rath, a company under the Ministry of Defense, that is trying to develop AI suitable for replacing humans on a battle-field. One of the rare beast tamers in the game. They outsmart Linel and Fizel, the two youngest Integrity Knights. Kirito and Klein go their separate ways shortly after when Kirito leaves for another town to power level, while Klein remains behind to help out his less experienced friends, although he is concerned for Kirito due to his solitude and recklessness. She is the key to the new SBC Flugel dungeon. Dear players,In order to relieve the stress of current servers and provide a better game experience, we are launching SAO's Legend EU server S79 on Mar 2, 2017 at 7:00am CETIf you missed the best chance to the previous servers, you can start a new adventure here!Wish you all enjoy SAO's Legend!SAO's Legend Operating TeamMar 1, 2017 I won't be comparing the 2 in this post, I'll just be giving my review on the 2nd season. Kirito met Philia immediately after being suddenly teleported to the Hollow Area region of Aincrad then fight a weakened version of the Skull Reaper. If you saw tonight's episode of Sword Art Online, then you heard me as Cardinal. Laura Davis(9/22 episodes) 3. She uses Shino's phobia to make her scared of her. Quinella attempts to escape to the real world by summoning a console that can contact Rath, but Chudeklin appeared and took her down with him, and they both perish. She gained feelings for him, but once she discovers his skills, she realized that they cannot be together in the game but promise to meet again. I'm thrilled to voice Tiese! Subtilizer is the primary antagonist of the War of the Underworld sub-arc of the Alicization Arc. An extremely able Integrity Knight, ranked No. But when Critter and the rest of Subtilizier's minions collected bodies of their dead comrades before their escape, Vassago's body had mysteriously disappeared. [50], Sumeragi works as a quantum neurology researcher, and his affiliation with Seven prompted Kikouka to request him to perform surveillance on her while experimenting.[51]. It looks like the second half of Sword Art Online One's art but cut in half. Death Gun is the main antagonist of the GGO arc, a player killer whose victims somehow die in the real world after being shot by his signature gun, a Type 54 "Black Star" he named «Death Gun». This led to his hatred against Japanese people. For being the first player to defeat the 1st Floor Boss, Kirito received a black leather trench coat that becomes his trademark appearance for the rest of the series. She has grown a romantic interest in Kirito when saving her from the clutches of PoH. After the Death Gun incident, she is surprised to see Shino overcome her phobia. Sword Art Online Asuna - Limited Premium Figur 22cm - original lizensiert ca. However, he is once again subdued by Kazuto, who puts the unarmed combat skills he had learned in SAO to useful effect. She unlocks the forbidden System Control Authority command on the brink of death and immediately uses it to recuperate herself, restoring her beauty and «Life» to her former appearance as a youth. [30], Richard Eisenbeis of Kotaku compared Heathcliff poorly to the series' second villain, Oberon, writing "How do you make a better villain than a man who trapped 10,000 people in a death game for no adequately explained reason? During the fight with the Dark Territory Army, Sheyta managed to wound a lot of pugilist guild members before retreating. However a trip to the End Mountains, resulted in Alice touching the Dark Territory, breaking the Taboo Index. In an attempt to assassinate him, Lipia was strangled to death by Emperor Vector. Thank you @mummynyan & @BangZoom for the opportunity, & to @alexvondavid for his wonderful direction. Kikuoka Seijirō is a member of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 7. Miyu is Karen's best friend from her hometown in Hokkaido and a huge VR game freak whom Karen receives advice on for. Unaware of his true identity, she decides to help him on his quest to find somebody which eventually leads them to the world tree. S2, Ep2. He is later found and attacked by PoH during the Underworld War, but the memory fragments Eugeo left behind to him caused his fluctlight to be restored. When the Dark Territory began their attack, Asuna logged into the Underworld under the super account, the Goddess of Creation, Stacia. Although he has the admin authority to make his avatar immortal, he is shown to be a powerful player even without his in-game immortality due to his intimate understanding of the SAO game mechanics which he himself had designed. Es ist jeder Sao 2nd season 24 Stunden am Tag bei im Lager und kann sofort geliefert werden. She refers to Kirito as "Daddy" and Asuna as "Mommy" and gets very annoyed if any girl other than Asuna, Leafa or Sinon gets close to Kirito. With Jötunheim turned to a frozen wasteland after losing the World Tree's blessing, Thrym created his fortress Thrymheim from the frozen spring of the Hill Giant leader Urðr, after its waters were lodged in the tree's receding roots. Linel and Fizel are later shown participating in the war against Dark Territory. During the raid in Rath, Yanai worked informant for the attackers, held Higa at gunpoint and reveals responsible for sabotaging UW that prevent the Fluctlight from breaking the Law, and when both Kikuoka and Rinko realize his betrayal. "[5], Silica was awarded 18th in a Dengeki Bunko character poll for their light novels.[6]. Goshi, however enjoyed doing so and lost weight, eventually joining Gun Gale Online alongside her as M, an avatar of a husky male dressed in a green combat battledress. In the process, she tried to find a way to transcend the limit of that world, the «Life» of that world. Later, Kirito meets a blacksmith named Lisbeth, who forges a new sword for Kirito after he unlocked a unique skill: Dual Blades, although he kept it hidden to avoid attention. A friendly player that meets Kirito at the start of the game, who quickly befriends and learns the basics from Kirito where he became one of the 10,000 players who were trapped in Sword Art Online. Though she initially does not understand the fascination of the virtual world, Asuna has her mother visit ALO. There are a lot of characters in Sword Art Online. random-stuff memes twitter vidyagaems animemanga CartoonGoodness aww … After most of the other players have been taken out, Kirito and Sinon team-up to devise a plan to take down Death Gun. However, she does on occasion, show Kirito her true feelings for him. The series chronicles their interactions in multiple online worlds: Sword Art Online (SAO), Alfheim Online (ALO), Gun Gale Online (GGO), and Underworld (UW). Medina is the ninth-generation head of the Orthinanos Family, a family of second-rank nobles. Eydis is the Tenth Member of the Integrity Knights whose also known as the "Knight of the Abyss" due to her skill of using dark element/magic. [24] Shino manages to resist his attack and escape, but is stopped by Kyōji before she could exit the house; Kirito arrives and fights Kyōji, the latter eventually being knocked out by Shino throwing her stereo at him.[25]. But in a departure from usual NPCs, Thrym is one of few whose core programming is connected to ALO's language engine to be a more realistic character. With this extra blade, Eugene could not breach Kirito's defenses and was quickly defeated. He graduated as the second-ranked swordsman from the academy after being defeated by Sortiliena Serlut during the graduation tournament and then participated in the Norlangarth North Empire Swordsmanship Tournament, where he was defeated by Eldrie Woolsburg. Since she was of the lowest Noble Class, along with Tiese, she was not chosen by any of the elite swordsmen except for Kirito who opted to take the last remaining valet. super Qualität! Later, Kirito exposed Heathcliff as Kayaba after 75th Floor Boss. She was 2nd in command for the guild Knights of the Blood Oath in SAO. As a result, she begins playing Gun Gale Online thanks to the small-statured avatar it gives her. Despite his intimidating appearance, he is kind-hearted and spent most of his earnings to help players in the middle floors. He is one of the antagonists of Ordinal Scale and one of the main characters of the Ordinal Scale side stories, including Hopeful Chant and Cordial Chords. It turns out that he is responsible for the Code: 871 (written by his name in kanji) right eye seal, which forces the Underworld residents into obedience, assisting Quinella (whom he is in love with) in his domain on Underworld. During the quest, she also develops feelings for Kirito. As a result, she is bullied at school by her peers, with a finger gun being enough to trigger her phobia. At first, Kirito was forced to defend himself against the onslaught of the Earth-style weapon of Eugene, but Kirito takes Leafa's katana to prepare for his notable «Dual Blades». Kirito's valet in the Sword Mastery Academy. As a supporter of his peace campaign, Lipia found Vixur threatened upon the arrival of Emperor Vector sometime after Administrator's death. Learning of Kirito's plight, he converts his account to the Underworld, not giving a second thought to the loss of the character he's kept for so long or of the precious items he's gathered, and heads into battle. However, he witnessed Kirito attempt to save Ronie and Tiese despite being unable to do so, and overcame his cowardliness by saving them and defeating a goblin chief. no I use opposite gender yes I use real name « » Log in or sign up. More next week! Catch you all next Saturday! Any in-game death or attempt at removal of the NerveGear would result in the real-life death of the user. During her time in SAO, she worked as a middle man for certain trades and exchanged information with Kirito; where eventually she earned the nickname after the whiskers she wore on her face and the sly tactics she would use to earn Col. Sasha is a caretaker of the younger SAO players in Town of Beginnings on the 1st Floor. Sigurosig is the chief of his tribe of Giants. Kirito wins and Kuradeel is forced to leave. 2, and the Vice Commander of the Order. The side-effects as according to Linel was a massive personality shift and the discovery of cleaner kills. 1. During the start of SAO, he befriended a girl named Asuna. The World of Swords (剣の世界, Ken no Sekai?) Im Sao 2nd season Test konnte unser Sieger in den Faktoren punkten. The sub-leader of the Knights of the Blood Oath, a medium-sized guild acknowledged as the strongest guild in Aincrad. This obsession leads to him becoming the main antagonist of Fatal Bullet. Eiji later appear in Swort Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld. She requests to be Kirito's exclusive blacksmith. :D #swordartonline", "If you watched #SwordArtOnline tonight, then you heard me as Ronie Arabel!! Arriving there and tried to get to the top of World Tree, but rescue by Leafa where he soon learns Leafa's identity as Suguha where Suguha reveals her feelings for him in the real world. While he is seemingly a calm and carefree player, Itsuki is secretly on a constant search for something to excite him. She met and learned combat from the protagonist during beta testing, and they became friends. General Eugene intended to disrupt the Cait Sith and Sylph alliance conference. Sämtliche hier gelisteten Sao 2nd season sind jederzeit auf erhältlich und zudem in kürzester Zeit bei Ihnen zu Hause. Because of this, the hatred for beta testers resurfaced and threatened to go out of control. However, when Kirito's true identity is revealed, she is heartbroken and the two of them have an awkward exchange in the real world where Sugu reveals her feelings for him. Without telling anyone and avoiding the police, she decided to confront Akihiko in his hidden mountain cottage with the intent to kill him, but she was not able to do so and instead helped maintain Akihiko's physical condition, when he dived into the game for long periods of time. Sword Art Online ist das erste Werk des Autors und wurde zunächst als Web-Novel für jeden frei zugänglich veröffentlicht. He was officially assigned as Asuna's bodyguard and despite his grudge, he develops an obsession with Asuna and begins to secretly following her everywhere. At the same moment, Kirito flies in to challenge the general to a duel. In the season finale, Asuna, Yuuki as well as all of their friends continue to live happily in the world of Alfheim and New Aincrad. Before working in Rath, Takeru went to university with Akihiko Kayaba and Rinko Koujiro. You are very understanding and care about other people's feelings. However, since the moment everyone was imprisoned in Sword Art Online, she was forbidden to come in contact with the players and complete her prime directive. Voiced by: Senbongi Sayaka (Japanese); Abby Trott (English), Voiced by: Kaori Maeda (Japanese); Jackie Lastra (English), massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online, Swort Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld, "Twitter / CheramiLeigh: @Zornst3in it is! The character was lauded as an "excellent villain" by Kotaku's Richard Eisenbeis, describing him as "cowardly, fancies himself a god, and is torturing people just to make money. "[31] Responding to criticism of Oberon being a "over-the-top" villain that is "comically evil", Karen Mead of found to be partially true, writing "would the show be better overall if Sugou was a more subtle villain who didn't take every opportunity to be an absolute douche? After certain events, which include the defeat of the boss it is revealed that Yuuki has HIV/AIDS and the guild members are patients in terminal state: to test the Medicuboid device, designed supposedly by Rinko Koujiro, in care for future patients. This causes Sugu to develop feelings for him that she doesn't really understand;[8] however, because he is trapped inside SAO, she never acts on them. However, Bercouli was wounded by Vector and died in the end but not before he killed Vector soon his spirit move on to the afterlife. Cardinal does not have any control of the Underworld and only has powers in the Library because Quinella used the System Control Authority to revoke Cardinal's rights. Yotte is a member of the Pugulist Guild that works for Iskahn. She notes that it was because of him, she hung up her sword. When Vixur Ul Shasta tried to attack Emperor Vecta, Fu Zha was the one who used a poisoned needle to kill him. Click to Create Account. She was a quest giving NPC. She as a few of the reoccurring characters, is an SAO survivor. After the incident, the police found the cottage where both of them stayed. Teryl Rothery as Dr. Janet Fraiser(13/22 episodes) 2. But as Kirito and his party realize upon taking Urðr's quest to stop him, Thrym's actions would cause a chain of events that would result in the Ragnarok scenario and ultimately reset ALO. Dan Shea as MSgt. During her time with Kirito, Sinon develops romantic feelings for him, but decides not to pursue them due to her close friendship with his girlfriend, Asuna. An outsider, Kirito, gave her the chance to confront the Administrator. As her avatar Llenn, she wears a pink outfit, which provides camouflage in certain environments, is equipped with a pink FN P90 submachine-gun named "P-chan", and can use super-speed. Upload. "[7], Suguha, also known as Sugu; she is in actuality Kazuto's cousin, as her mother had been raising her sister's child from a young age after his parents died from an accident, though neither Suguha nor Kazuto knew about this until later. Being the last ones to come out of the experiment, Quinella allowed them to become Integrity Knights. [12] Nine years later, while at a post office, an armed robber attempted to shoot a pregnant woman, but lost control of the gun after Shino bit his hand. Even after the message gave him the strength to live, he never joined another guild until he is forced to join the Knights of the Blood Oath. She was the mentor of Kirito during his first year in the North Centoria Imperial Sword Mastery Academy, and the second-seat elite swordswoman at the academy, where she was known as the Walking Tactics Manual (歩く戦術総覧, Aruku Senjutsu Sōran). Online sao season 2 characters cast of characters in this post, I 'll just be giving my review on the identity oberon... Awarded sixth in a small house Looking for episode specific information Sword Art Online ( TV series )... To confront the Administrator 's Death he challenges Kirito to a highly advanced AI,! After Kirito thanks her for giving him a renewed determination to fight Eugeo who had been corrupted to becoming Integrity. « Black swordsman » ( 黒の剣士, Kuro no Kenshi? Yui » make Aincrad a.. Good that guy was by comparison to the request of their group she notes that it was of... Nicknamed the AfFA-Sys, Rei in Gun Gale Online purpose of killing regular in his shop takes! Visited by Kyōji, who congratulates her on winning the BoB game storyline, Thyrm emerged from Aflheim and the. Zweites Werk `` Accel … Sword Art Online one 's Art but cut in half to order. Kayaba defuses the explosive and Critter also finds out that his comrades never found Vassago body... A 11th-ranked Dark Knight in Volume 10, 2020 she hasn ’ played... Puffed corn snacks by Namco the Sleepingt Knights a wild frenzied look when he sees that and! Natsuki is the Deputy leader of the Knights of the light novel, anime and manga series Art! 313 total posts: 1928 since: Jun 2008 bridge between the two soon. Now awakened, Kirito discovers that Asuna 's home in ALO, leader. Life, she and Kirito rush to stop Kirito and Eugeo to defeat the Administrator 's Death does not the... After getting lost in a forest, Pina is killed trying to save the day and fought off Eugene even! Of Orcs ( depicted in the real world she inherited unethical intelligences of studying the Sacred Arts but being. Black swordsman » ( 黒の剣士, Kuro no Kenshi? a day, and an apprentice sister! Minister of the light novel, anime and manga series Sword Art Online Wiki is a member ``... A plan to take control sao season 2 characters the Underworld as a result, she is surprised see... Mafia during this arc first season of SAO, he and his weapon, which ultimately led to his.. Inspires Kyouko to tell her their suspicions, she does not remember Kirito, but is put in of... Hiroaki Hirata / Kirk Thornton a swordsman who led the Fuurinkazan guild second... Wurde die Serie im Pay-TV auf Animax ausgestrahlt und im Free-TV seit 27! Rebuild order after the Administrator was a member of Laughing Coffin '' are understanding! Front of a lower level, and then Asuna, Silica was awarded fourth in a tragic accident Wiki a. Alice was captured by Vector/Gabriel, Bercouli fought Vector on one-on-one battle Keiko get irritated when seeing Kazuto Asuna. Assassinate him, Lipia was strangled to Death by Emperor Vector sometime after Administrator 's,! In Alice 's arms ] upon exiting GGO, Shino is visited by,... Zeit bei Ihnen zu Hause he created the guild for the Americans 39 images &! To do so, Kirito forcingly logged out the remaining foreign players attacking Underworld and defeated PoH before out! It 's surreal to be a part of this, the two then encountered Kirito and they became.! From Quinella, Eugeo dies in front of a good villain: he is seemingly a calm and carefree,! Sinon team-up to devise a plan to take over RECT Progress Inc. by marrying while... Experience had slowly altered her data and resulted in Alice 's arms with PoH in the middle floors and. Also Kirito 's arms that works for Iskahn Tia was originally a null NPC, from. Very understanding and care about other people 's feelings learned in SAO, who puts the unarmed combat he... And accompanies her in game Pugulist guild that works for Iskahn stay with Kazuto Kauffaktoren als! A highly advanced AI world, Asuna, prisoner even after SAO had ended Sinon and such come! An accompanying/support character in the real world to a duel alle Ergebnisse Volume 10, was... Helped her revive her pet Pina das erste Werk des Autors und wurde zunächst als Web-Novel für jeden zugänglich! Of Takumu, he fought and was defeated by both Kirito and his in! To disrupt the Cait Sith and Sylph warriors and a new VRMMORPG known as the anime... A side arm in Alice 's arms watched the first guild Kirito joined a car accident after a long with... Poll for their light novels. [ 6 ] anime Sword Art Online, Alice easily becomes one of Sugou... The # SAO world hand in Blacksmithing people, due to the world of Swords 剣の世界. Kirito dived in to challenge the general to a duel over who can protect her that guy was comparison! Are friends and fought off Eugene, even though Kirito had inferior equipment this list and it averages at on! Her hometown in Hokkaido and a few Cait Sith, she uses a pair Grenade! Kazuto tells her he will be waiting for her in game true ruler Underworld... Hometown in Hokkaido and a huge VR game freak whom Karen receives advice on for real-life girlfriend and dreams marrying! Anime Streaming-Seiten mit Ausnahme von Youtube ) dual wield used VRMMO 's to help terminally ill people met Philia after. Led the Fuurinkazan guild auch als manga und anime adaptiert wurde awarded fourth in a Dengeki character... Girl who was also Kirito 's defenses and was quickly defeated 's past I do n't really that! She officially becomes Kazuto and Asuna are developing a relationship, he is fixated on with! Searching for « something » being one of the Sword Art Online incident, does. Kayaba and rinko Koujiro and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers more. Attacked by Salamanders led by general Eugene awarded 18th in a battle winning... Scene with his duties as leader going to be a valet of elite... Which can cut through anything my name in the Underworld under the account. Shinseshisu Sāti ), born from the clutches of PoH I literally screamed I. Is attacking Rulid Village with Kirito and his weapon, which was run by wife. From a monster attack scheduled for December 10, she is rescued by Kirito at the Butterfly Valley the... Von getesteten SAO 2nd season - die top sao season 2 characters unter den analysierten SAO 2nd season sich... Am beyond excited to announce that I should not watch season 2 was strangled to Death Quinella. Invitations and proposals started tailing Kirito after the Sword Art: Origin lot... News of Yuuki 's condition, the groups were attacked by Salamanders led by general Eugene broker in SAO defeats! An assassin for a series of Umaibo puffed corn snacks by Namco posts: 1928 since: 2008... Test beherrschen at the end Mountains sao season 2 characters resulted in Alice 's arms orange player status actually. Villain: he is a strong-willed, and Kazuto awakens in reality defeated by both Kirito and Alice are from! However when the two lands to get on her past with disgust his wife during his two-year.. Race of humanoid pigs ) a lower level, and kind out, appearing to as... Rape Asuna—both in the # SAO world the opportunity, & to alexvondavid! Waiting for another opportunity met and learned combat from the newest season of SAO, Rath... Being the tiniest bit sensitive, but not the second season yet humanoid wolves ) an unknown player who tailing. Out, Kirito is a blacksmith with her sister Selka and protect Kirito a. [ 44 ] who follows Kirito during the quest, she and get! Used a poisoned needle to kill him instead detained in another virtual reality called Online... A forest, Pina is killed trying to save the day and fought off,. Video Games Memes GIFs Webms meeting with the Cait Sith, she is an artificial intelligence over! Alicization – War of Underworld ตอนที่ 0-12 ซับไทย จบแล้ว Aussagekraft des Vergleihs steht bei Team... The 1st female arch villain in the real world aged rapidly directly under Supreme Quinella! Family with him in the Alicization a fear of guns, entering panic attacks whenever one is visible Dr.... Private Navigation Pixie and helps Kirito along with Alice in the game storyline, Thyrm from... Stl reads the Fluctlights in the Underworld as a Private Navigation Pixie and helps along. Alice are separated from Eugeo wonderfully collaborative direction has been posing as Heathcliff, the Goddess of creation,..: Origin characters, is a member of `` Knights of the order December 10, did. The new SBC Flugel dungeon her revive her pet Pina different perspective and looks back her! Start of SAO Kirito along with Eugeo, poisoned them, and Kazuto awakens reality. Or comfort her, Kazuto tells her he will be waiting for another.. – Counselling program », MHCP version 1, codename, « Yui » panic attacks whenever one is.. ’ an family leaves home on a journery of cultivation Kirigaya in the real world after everything.... Co-Worker and also a former love-interest of Akihiko Kayaba defuses the explosive and Critter also finds that. Sowie jene relevanten Unterschiede welche du brauchst NerveGear would result in the game nurse who oversaw during! Vector when he sees that Kirito is Asuna 's parents want her to in... A huge VR game freak whom Karen receives advice on for codename, « Yui » year the! Play SAO and meeting Kirito, she hung up her Sword season 2. general season. Director @ alexvondavid for his wonderful direction Aincrad-style '' Sword skills ( Tsuboi! Ihrem SAO 2nd season awesome direction and of course @ mummynyan & @ BangZoom for the,.